Owens-Young Memorial Technology Innovation Award

The Shelby County Owens-Young Memorial Technology Innovation Award is an annual award which spotlights teachers who are exemplary technology integrators and leaders.

The Owens-Young Award honors two former Shelby County School's technology employees whose work paved the way for teachers to integrate technology into their classrooms.

The first is Denise Owens. Mrs. Owens taught in Shelby County Schools for 22 years and became one of the District's first Technology Resource Teachers in 1998. Her work helped hundreds of teachers design innovative lesson plans using a wide range of technology. Mrs. Owens retired in 2000 and passed away in 2007.

The second is Michael Young. Mr. Young was a computer programmer who came to work for Shelby County Schools in 2007 as a network technician. He, too, made an impact in the classroom by ensuring that the technology and network connections in classrooms were working well so that students and teachers could take advantage of all technology has to offer. He enjoyed working with the teachers and students. He passed away in 2013.

2019 Owens-Young Memorial Technology Innovation Award Winners

This year's winners were nominated by their schools. Each will receive $1,000 in technology for their classroom.

2020 Recipients

  • Not awarded due to school closures

2019 Recipients

  • Jennifer Colburn, Oak Mountain Intermediate School
  • Caitlin Bolt, Oak Mountain Middle School
  • Landon Manning, Vincent Middle High School.

2018 Recipients

  • Mauri Crisler -  Inverness Elementary School
  • Natalie Brooke Veazey - Calera Intermediate School
  • Charlsie Wigley - Chelsea Middle School
  • Jackie Plaia - Oak Mountain High School.

2017 Recipients

  • Melissa Johnson -  Oak Mountain Intermediate School
  • Leigh Anne Brown - Calera High School
  • Chad Burdett - Oak Mountain Middle School
  • Shannon Goodwin - Chelsea High School

2016 Recipients

  • Jennifer Northrup - Oak Mountain Elementary School
  • Jason Mayfield - Columbiana Middle School
  • Patrice Marbry - Vincent High School

2015 Recipients

  • Krystal Lawrence, Fourth Grade, Shelby Elementary School
  • Tami Genry, Media Specialist, Helena Intermediate School
  • Ashli Polizos, History, Oak Mountain Middle School
  • Danny DuBose, Geometry and AP Geometry, Oak Mountain High School

2014 Recipients

  • Tammi Carr - Oak Mountain Intermediate
  • Crystal Watford - Helena Middle
  • Jordan Pritchett - Montevallo High

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