Nursing Services

The Shelby County Schools’ Nursing Service Program, through the practice of professional nursing assessment and intervention, will promote students’ optimal state of wellness in an environment in which all students can learn and achieve academic success.

The mission of the Shelby County Schools’ Nursing Service Program is to enhance the educational environment of each student by preventing, limiting, and removing health related barriers to learning, through the practice and promotion of professional nursing standards. The Nursing Service Program recognizes that a healthy student can more fully attain their educational goals and become a graduate who is fully prepared for the journey.

Forms and Resources

Title Document Spanish Version
Information about COVID-19 reporting Reporting Forms Formulario de Declaracion
Medication Prescriber/Parent Authorization and Over the Counter Medication Authorization Form (v 2019) PPA PDF PPA-sp PDF
Medication Prescriber/Parent Authorization Form for Vagus Nerve Stimulator (v May2014) PPA-VNS PDF -
Medication Prescriber/Parent Authorization Form for Tracheostomy Care (v May2014) PPA-Trach PDF -
Medication Prescriber/Parent Authorization Form for Gastrostomy Tube Care (v May2014) PPA-Gastro PDF -
Medication Procedures Summary (v Jan. 2020) MPS PDF MS-sp PDF
Health Assessment Record (v May2014) HAR PDF HAR-sp PDF
Students with Special Dietary Needs WEBPAGE -

Informational Flyer - Know the Facts

Title Document
Alabama Immunization Law Link to State Site
Backpack Law Information - Act# 2017-19 BP PDF
Influenza Disease and Influenza Information FLU PDF
Meningococcal Disease Information MENIN PDF
Scoliosis Information SCOL PDF
Sunscreen Information Sunscreen PDF

Student Health Insurance is available through

Student Health Insurance Flyer

Shelby County Health Department (Pelham AL office) - (205) 664-2470

Head Nurse

Nurse Supervisor - Treasa Daly, RN, MSN

  • Location: Base – VES
  • Phone:
    • (205) 682-6552 office
    • (205) 682-5942 fax
  • Email:

Shelby County Schools - School Nurses

Location/Phone Name/Email
Calera Elementary Heather Standridge, RN
(205) 682-6193
Calera Intermediate Emily Kelley, RN
(205) 682-6752
Calera Middle Brittany Golden, RN
(205) 682-6150
Calera High Lauren Walker, RN
(205) 682-5999
Chelsea Park Elementary Heather Long, RN
(205) 682-6710
Forest Oaks Elementary Tracy Watson, RN
(205) 682-7222
Chelsea Middle Darlene Davis, RN
(205) 682-7213
Chelsea High Ashley Fields, RN
(205) 682-7201
Columbiana Middle Amy Horton, LPN
(205) 682-6688
Elvin Hill Elementary Meagan Howard, RN
(205) 682-6550
Helena Elementary Christy Moore, RN
(205) 682-5415
Helena Intermediate Lori Goodson, LPN
(205) 682-5489
Helena Middle Adrienne Vanderford, RN
(205) 682-5314
Helena High Erin Parker, RN
(205) 682-3660
Inverness Elementary Megan Cobb, RN
(205) 682-5243
Linda Nolen Learning Center Beth Pettipiece, RN
(205) 682-5803
Linda Nolen Learning Center Kathy Morgan, LPN
(205) 682-5803
Montevallo Elementary Brittany Freeman, RN
(205) 682-6423
Montevallo Middle Betty Beneke, RN
(205) 682-6435
Montevallo High Sarah Thomas, RN
(205) 682-6433
Mt Laurel Elementary Laura Blackburn, RN
(205) 682-7233
Oak Mtn Elementary Michele Beatty, RN
(205) 682-5233
Oak Mtn Intermediate Carrie Tubbs, RN
(205) 682-5223
Oak Mtn Middle Amy Marvin, RN
(205) 682-5347
Oak Mtn High Leslie Hallmark, RN
(205) 682-5352
Shelby Elementary Hannah Harris, RN
(205) 682-6561
Shelby County High Elayne McCrimon, LPN
(205) 682-6632
Vincent Elementary Autumn Lamberth, LPN
(205) 682-7323
Vincent Middle/High Kristi Childers, LPN
(205) 682-7123
Wilsonville Elementary Angela Armstrong, LPN
(205) 682-6643

Floating Nurses

All Floating nurses are based out of Chelsea Middle School

Name / Email Contact Phone Numbers
Floating Nurse Beth Traywick
Base - CHMS
Floating Nurse Lori Litton, RN
Base - CHMS
Floating Nurse Rhona Burns
Base – CHMS
Floating Nurse Kasey Rice
Base – CHMS
Floating Nurse Sara Beatty, RN
Floating Nurse Jenny Mahaffey, RN
Base – CHMS
Floating Nurse Terri Parker, RN
Floating Nurse Eryn Gove, RN
Bus Nurse Sandy Sheffield, RN
1:1 Nurse Holly Rodgers, RN

updated 12-05-22

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