Santa's Bag of Gifts

Donated Gifts

Santa's Bag of Gifts

Smiles were on all the faces of Vincent Middle High faculty and staff members on the last day of school before the holiday break, but it had nothing to do with the upcoming two weeks of vacation. The smiles were because each of them had just received a gift from local businesses from the Vincent, Harpersville, Childersburg and Chelsea areas through the “Santa’s Bag of Gifts” program.

VMHS Principal, Dr. Michele Edwards, had the opportunity last holiday season to see a project similar to this done at Calera High School under the direction of Latricia Howze. Dr. Edwards wanted to see it expand so that every employee at VHMS would have at least one gift to take home for the Christmas holidays. Dr. Edwards took her idea to Sharon Martin, VMHS Interventionist, who gladly accepted the responsibility to make the idea a reality. Mrs. Martin began making calls from a four-page local business list put together by VMHS bookkeeper, Vicki Quinn. The process took a little over a month and a half to complete

The gifts were kept a secret from the remainder of the faculty and staff until the last day of the semester. Donated gifts ranged from gift cards, pedicures, manicures, gift baskets, a power drill, home décor, jams, jellies, and so much more.

“Just seeing the look on the faces of the VMHS faculty and staff when the gifts were unveiled at the Christmas celebration before school was let out for the Christmas Holidays was well worth it all,” stated Ms. Martin.

“I am truly overwhelmed at the generosity of these local businesses for our faculty and staff,” added Dr. Edwards. “Our employees were touched by the appreciation shown by these gifts. I cannot express enough gratitude to all that were kind enough to donate a gift for our employees during the holidays. It brought our entire staff joy.”

Vincent Middle High School would like to thank the following business for their generosity during the Christmas season:

Vincent area: Weldon Market; Vulcan Information Packaging; Northside Clinic; Vincent Gardens; Flower Cottage; Boyd, Mind & Spirit Remedial Massage; and White Rock Quarry.

Harpersville area: Harpersville Pharmacy; Morgan Creek Winery; Baker’s Farm; Russell Building Supply; Big Man’s Restaurant; and 1st United Security Bank.

Childersburg area: Old Town Grille; Forget Me Not Flower Shop; Deal Pickles; and That’s Hot.

Chelsea area: Little Caesars; Pizza Hut; Hartley’s Restaurant; Publix; Nail Oasis; A Nails; Johnny Rays; Snider’s Pharmacy; Nail Art; Applebee’s; Chelsea Orthodontics; and Chelsea Lane.

The owner of Chelsea Lane, Lisa Glass, stated that she was a former educator, and appreciated and understood all that faculty and staff do for students on a daily basis. Ms. Glass helped to complete the “Santa’s Bag of Gifts” goal by donating thirty-five gifts from her shop..

119/Inverness: St. Vincent’s 119 Health & Wellness; Wal-Mart

St. Vincent’s 119 Health & Wellness donated twenty-five gift certificates for manicures, pedicures, and massages.