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Credible Online Sources

When students do research, they are encouraged to use credible sources of information. The following are suggestions for locating information that is credible.

Alabama Virtual Library:

To access the Alabama Virtual Library (AVL) students should go to the following website:  In years past, students had to have an AVL card to access this from home. However, the Virtual Library now uses geocaching and cards are no longer necessary

Destiny Discover:

Destiny Discover is another great way to access good, verified to be accurate information on the web. To access this resource, students can go to the Destiny Search Page under the Student Access Folder. Here, they can search for library materials at our school and at all the other schools in Shelby County (many times we can borrow these items). IN ADDITION, students can choose web links and get GREAT WEB SITE SOURCES!

Google Scholar:

Students who are uncomfortable using the AVL or students wishing to do research from home should consider using Google Scholar. To access this link, go to  From there, students can search for information similar to the way they search on regular google. The results will be credible sources most likely from professional journals.

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