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Acton, Catherine English Language Arts
Alaimo, Jodie Math
Becnel, Amy 7th Grade Counselor
Binkley, Ryan Physical Education
Bishop, Bethany Family and Consumer Sciences
Bolt, Caitlin Gifted/English Language Arts
Boone, Laura Lynn 6th Grade Counselor
Brom, Morgan Special Education
Brown, Holley 7th Grade Science
Buckner, Brent Social Studies
Burdett,Chad Math
Burdett, Linda Math
Butz, Sharon 8th Grade Counselor
Castleman, Amy Instructional Aide
Cecil, A. Donald Art
Civils, Stewart Social Studies
Colley, Sharon Gifted/English Language Arts
Collins, Kathy Library Media Specialist
Courson, Rose Sign Language Interpreter
Cruce, Cynthia Assistant Principal
Davis, Stephanie 8th Grade Special Education / Winter Guard
Davidson, Mary Gayle Paraeducator
Dodson, Dale Custodial Maintenance
Dykes, Holley Instructional Aide
Foreman, Leigh Ann ELA
Gilmore, Stacie Science
Gingras, Lauren English Language Arts
Graddy, Gia Music
Gray, Danny Custodial Maintenance
Gunnels, Haley 6th Special Education
Hackbarth, John Science
Hartsock, Ginger Bookkeeper
Hatter, Bobby Custodial Maintenance
Haynes, Larry Principal
Higginbotham, Carla Social Studies
Holmes, Heather Band
Hooten, Jay Custodial Maintenance
Howton, Whitney Media Specialist
Hutchings, Sarah English Language Arts
Jacobik, Greg CNP Asst. Manager
Jones, Sheryl Assistant Principal
Kelley, Patricia CNP
Kellgren, Amanda CNP
Kennedy, Julie Social Studies
Knotts, Lynda Instructional Aide
Lancaster, Lori 6th Grade Math and ELA
Lerdo de Tejada, M English as Second Language
Luenberger, Gretchen Intervention
Mayes, Monisa Instructional Aide
McGaughy, Jay Social Studies
McKinnon, Gaye Math
Meadows, Melanie Beth Math
Morton, Dan Science
Nalls, Johnna Deaf Education Teacher
Neeley, Jason Physical Education
Nelson, Chanse Music
Nobles, Susie Science
Noel, Janine Physical Education
Orth, Laurie Custodial Maintenance
Parker, Frank Social Studies
Pierce, Nancy English Language Arts
Renfro, Jeff Math
Richardson, Colin Math / Tennis
Rivera, Guadalupe Registrar
Salmon, Ashlyn Social Studies
Salter, Carla Paraeducator
Shoemaker, Vanessa Administrative Secretary
Stone, Beth Nurse
Stewart, Sara Speech Language Pathologist
Stewart, Susasn Paraeducator
Sumler, Sarah Cafeteria Manager
Sussman, Michele Special Education
Tatum, Kevin Physical Education
Taylor, Sydni Gifted Education
Toretta, Carley Special Education
Turner, Kristi Science/Math
Turpen, Niki Science
Vernazza, Rebecca Inclusion Aide
Walker, Leslie Sign-Language Interpreter
Watson, Venus Special Education
White, Kevin Special Education
Whitehead, Sherri PLTW/Robotics
Whitt, Jennifer Attendance Clerk/Secretary
Wood,Chris Social Studies
Wright, Dana Aide

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