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Faculty & Staff Listing

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Administrative Leaders

Dr. K. Sayers


S. Evers

Assistant Principal 9th Grade

A. Polizos

Administrative Assistant 10th Grade

M. Epps

Assistant Principal 11th Grade

K. Dudley

Assistant Principal 12th Grade

K. Hurley


S. Johnston


K. DeVaughn


K. Parker


K. Wilson

Attendance Clerk

C. Zoll


K. Burch


T. Andrich

CNP Manager


K. Henson

Counselor 9th & 10th grade (Last name A - K)

B. Deavers

Counselor 11th & 12 grade Last name L - Z

K. Wade

Counselor 11th & 12th grade Last name A - K

L. Kilgore

Counselor 9th & 10th grade Last name L - Z

L. Huff

Secretary - Counseling Department

Instructional Leaders (Alphabetical)

M. Ashwander

English 9, Honors English 10

C. Baker


C. Bell

Physical Education, Head Football Coach

T. Bender

Assoc. Band Director

A. Bittinger

Honors Precalculus, AP Calculus

S. Blakemore

English 11, Creative Writing

C. Blight

Health, Head Girls Soccer Coach

A. Bou


S. Burrough

US History 11, Head Wrestling Coach

K. Cardinal

Health / Athletic Trainer

S. Carlisle

Physical Education

J. Chapman

Spanish 1

L. Cole


K. Coley

Library Media Specialist

C. Collins

Physical Science, Chemistry, Head Boys Golf Coach

D. Conner

Earth and Space Science

J. Croom

World History, AP World History, AP Euro History

C. Dean

AP US History 11/Department Head

D. DiPiazza

US History 10, US History 11, Head Boys Soccer Coach

J. DiPiazza

Biology, Forensic Science

R. Dobbs


D. DuBose

Honors Geometry, Geometry, Math Department Head

W. Dunham

Honors Anatomy/Physiology, Biology

T. Evans

AP Environmental Science, Environmental Science, Science Department Head

Z. Feldman

Geometry, Geometry Math Team

R. Frisch

Physical Education

S. Gallman

Economics, Boys Athletic Director

A. Gallups

English 9

J. Gandy

AP Spanish, Spanish 3

A. Glass

Special Education

K. Griffin

Head Softball Coach, Physical Education

D. Hines

AP Biology, Biology

K. Hollington

AP US 10 and AP US 11

K. Hubbard

World History and AP US 10

P. Hughes


S. Humphrey

AP Physics, Physics

L. Ingram

Business Education

D. Irons

Government, Head Baseball Coach

M. Jackson

English 11

V. Jackson


M. Johnson


M. Johnson

Art 1, Sculpture

T. Korson

Special Education

M. Lee

World History, US History 10

K. Lewis

AP Language

C. Love

Head Basketball Coach, Drivers Education

A. Lovell

Art 1, Art 2, Art 3

W. Lyon

Special Education

R. Maguire


N. McKinney

AP Art, Art 1

D. McMahon

Algebra 2, Algebraic Connections

K. McMahon

Algebra 2, Geometry

T. Mills

Honors Chemistry, Girls' Athletics Director

J. Milton

AP Economics, Multimedia Publication

J. Moore

Honors English 9

J. Morgan

Special Education

S. Morrison

US History 11

T. Nabors

Digital Photography

S. O'Dell

Algebra 1

K. Ownby

Band Director

A. Pickett

Career Preparedness

J. Plaia

AP Literature, English 12

M. Rath

English 11, Southern Literature, English Department Head

E. Roberts

Honors Algebra 2 with Trig, Algebra 2 with Trig Math Team

A. Rogers

English 10, Yearbook Sponsor

B. Rogers

English 10, English 12, Head Track Coach

B. Rowland

Library Media Specialist

S. Schwartz

AP Government,World History, Girls Head Golf Coach

K. Sheffield

Latin, Colorguard

Z. Sheffield

Spanish 2

D. Shipman

Special Education

K. Shults

AP Seminar, Honors English 10

C. Silvestre

Spanish 1

C. Smith

Algebra 2, Career Preparedness

S. Stewart

Speech Language Pathologist

A. Strickland


D. Strong

Anatomy/Physiology, Physical Science

M. Taylor

Algebra 1

J. Temple

AP Computer Science Principles

J. Touchstone

English DE/DC

S. Triplett

Co-op, AP Computer Science Principles

M. Urban

Special Education

D. Ward

US History 10

B. Watkins

Honors Biology, Varsity Cheerleading Sponsor

S. Watkins

Algebra 2 w/Trig

A. Weaver

Honors Biology, Biology

C. Wilcox

AP Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Chemistry

M. Williamson

Calculus, Analytical Math

T. Youngblood

Drivers Education

M. Zauchin


School Resource Officers

D. Morrow

School Resource Officers

T. Nordyke

School Resource Officers

Instructional Support Leaders (Alphabetical)

L. Fields


A. Garner


C. Hayes


M. Holmes


G. Jimerson


H. Johnson


C. Knezek


G. Lopez


T. Marks


M. Smith


M. Thomas


L. Walker

Sign Language Interpreter

updated 10-16-19

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