Give Me Five

Every student at OMHS is required to do five hours of community service for a non-profit organization every school year. This is for a graded assignment in the student's social studies class. The due date is on or near April 15th of every year. The hours should be completed in the April-to-April time line.


  1. The hours must be done for a non-profit organization. This could be a charity, church, or other organization that does not seek a profit. Students may not work "off the clock" at a job. Students also may not do services such as babysit or do yard work for free. Although this is a good deed, it is not for an organization and would be hard to verify.
  2. Hours done through a school club, sport, or organization can only add up to half (2.5) of the 5 hours required. Although many of these hours are in good faith, the goal of the program is to get students working out in the community. Please note that you cannot combine events to try and get to five hours. The school hours top out at 2.5 hours.
    • a. The ONLY exception to this is a community wide-fundraiser that benefits the whole community (i.e. Fall Fun Fest, Back to School Splash, etc.)
  3. Students will be required to turn in a signed timesheet. This will be available through the school's website and by social studies teachers. Parents cannot verify hours unless the parent is the coordinator of the event/program.
  4. If you have any questions, please make sure you ask your student's social studies teacher. You can also contact the school coordinator, Chris Dean, at .

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