Faculty and Staff Listing

Adminstration and Office Personnel

Name/Email Area Web / Phone
April Brand Principal (205) 682-3650
David Butts Assistant Principal (205) 682-3650
Lowe, Jennifer Assistant Principal (205) 682-3650
Jeremy Reed Administrative Assistant  
Kristen Blanton Counselor - Seniors and 2nd Semester Juniors  - Blog (205) 682-3650
Jeffrey Palmer Counselor - Sophomores and 1st Semester Juniors Counselor - Blog (205) 682-3650
Caroline Kidd Counselor - Freshman Counselor- Blog (205) 682-3650
Shirley Chumley Bookkeeper (205) 682-3658
Kelley Emerson Registrar (205) 682-3652
Claire Cook Secretary (205) 682-3682
Sharlisa Lancaster Secretary (205) 682-3650
Kellie Kelley Nurse (205) 682-3660
Amy Newman CNP Manager  
Philip Richards SRO  

Instructional Faculty and Staff Listing

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Name/Email Area Web Presence
Adams, Mendy Special Ed  
Allinder, Jennifer   English   
Anderson, Richard Social Studies  
Appling, Greg Health  
Bennett, Cody Math  
Bice, Adam Science  
Brewer, Angela Paraeducator  
Blankenship, Maggie Fine Arts-Art  
Brophy, Cynthia Paraeducator  
Burnside, Jeff Fine Arts-Band HHS Band Online
Busby, Richard (Charles) PE/Head Football Coach  
Casey, Jeb (Jefferson) Fine Arts-Theatre Mr. Casey Online
Channell, Emily Science  
Clark, Fabyanna Spanish Sra. Clark Online
Colvin, Joseph Special Ed  
Compton-Jordon, Donna Library Media Specialist  
Copeland, Melissa Science  
Cornelius, Kindall English  
Crumpton, Tiffany Special Ed  
Darby, Bailey Social Studies  
Davis, Christian Social Studies  
Davis, Joel Paraeducator  
Dunaway, Marla Paraeducator  
Dukes, Lauren   Science  
Elgin, James Driver's Ed/Career Prep  
Elliott, Rebecca   Math  
Ellis, Michelle Paraeducator  
Flynn, Beth Science  
Fowler, Stephanie Math  
Galloway, Christopher Social Studies  
Gallups, Sandra Cooperative Education - Work Based Learning Coordinator Ms. Gallups Online
Gonzales, Gina Career Tech - HLT SCI  
Grant, (Bill) William PE  
Griffin, Michelle Spanish/ELA  
Guin, Clint Social Studies  
Guy, PJ PE  
Hammack, Mary Grace Math  
Hanna, Kristiana Special Education  
Hosmer, Chelsey Special Education  
Hudson, Jill Math  
Hutchinson, Jerry Social Studies  
Justement, Michele Science  
Johnson, Kyla   Math  
Kines, Thomas Maintenance  
Knight, Amy Anatomy/Forensics  
Kouveras, Heidi Career Tech  
LaGrone, Alice Choral  
Lawson, Phillip (James) English  
Leonard, Russell   English  
Lewis, Amanda PE  
Lewis, Anita Social Studies  
Lowery, DeLeisa Science  
Lowery, Scott Health  
MacQueen, Lyn ESL  
Maple, Keith Driver Ed  
Massey, Dale (Roger) Social Studies  
McCabe, Brandon Social Studies  
McKinney, Spring English  
Morris, Joel English  
Moseley, Gardner Math  
Naron, Clif Career Tech Coach Naron Online
Neelkamal, Tinney Paraeducator  
O'Connor, Rachel Science  
Parker, Lisa Paraeducator  
Paul, Melanie   Math  
Perez, Michelle Spanish  
Phillips, Will English  
Porter, Dale Paraeducator  
Rigdon, Lindsey English Mrs. Rigdon Online
Rogers, Alex Math  
Rogers, Lindsey Science  
Russell, Jennifer English Mrs. Russell Online
Ryan, Taylor (Erin) Business Marketing  
Sammis, Klark Social Studies  
Screws, Cassie English  
Sharp, Robert Paraeducator  
Shields, Michael Career Tech - HLT SCI  
Skinner, Alan (John) Social Studies  
Simpson, Sommer Fine Arts - Arts  
Smith, Kimberly Special Education  
Smith, Samuel Paraeducator  
Swinsick, Mallory Media Specialist Mrs. Swinsick Online
Thornton, Ken Custodian  
Tolbert, Jill Art  
Traylor, Brenton   Band  
Watson, Lindsey English  
White, Patrick Math  
Wood, Amy Spanish  

updated 10-18-19