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Athletics Department

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Baseball Head Coach - B. Acre Spring 2020 Schedule
  Assistant Coach - H. Long  
Basketball - Boys 8th Grade Head Coach - L. Hibbs 2019-20 Schedule
  7th Grade Head Coach - J. Jackson  
Basketball - Girls Head Coach - J. Brown 2019-20 Schedule
  Assistant Coach - T. Smith   
Cheerleading: Head Coach - R. Trice Cheer Blog
  Assistant Coach - J. Cox  
Cross Country Head Coach - T. Burdette 2019-20 Schedule
  Assistant Coach - M. Adams  
Dance Team (Starlets)/Majorettes Coach - R. Donnenwirth Starlets Blog
  Coach - K. Brown  
Football: Head Coach - H. Butler Football Blog
  Assistant Coach - C. Billingsley 2019-20 Schedule
  Assistant Coach - F. Lovett  
  Assistant Coach - J. Jackson  
  Assistant Coach - B. Hawk  
  Assistant Coach - C. Wortham  
Golf: Coach - M. Nivens 2019-20 Schedule
  Coach - B. Goodall Golf Blog
Softball Head Coach - K.Latuso Spring 2020 Schedule
  Assistant Coach - H. Stafford   Softball Blog
Tennis Head Coach - A. Green Spring 2020 Schedule
Track - Boys Head Coach - L. Hibbs Spring 2020 Schedule
Track - Girls Head Coach - J. Jackson Spring 2020 Schedule
Volleyball Head Coach - M. Nivens Volleyball Blog
  Assistant Coach - K. Steinert 2019-20 Schedule
Wrestling Head Coach - H. Butler 2019-20 Schedule
  Assistant Coach - R. Haley  
  Assistant Coach - B. Hawk  
  Assistant Coach - R.Haught  
  Assistant Coach - A. Oliver   

updated 7-31-19

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