Shelby County Schools New Teacher Mentoring Program

All new teachers with less than 2 years of experience will participate in our New Teacher Mentoring (NTM) program.  Each new teacher will be assigned a trained mentor to guide and support him or her through their first and second year.

Shelby County Schools New Teacher Mentoring Program includes the following content:

  • Alabama Core Teaching Standards
  • Alabama Educator Code of Ethics
  • Classroom Organization and Management Program
  • District Collaboration Calendar (Facilitates learning based on district curriculum and expectations)

Quick Facts about Shelby County Schools New Teacher Mentoring Program

  • Mentors have a minimum of 3 years’ experience, 5 is preferred
  • Mentors are chosen by a school based committee
  • Mentors receive a $1000 stipend per year
  • New teachers complete 3 surveys annually to evaluate the NTM program
  • Documentation is submitted to the school mentor coordinators monthly
  • Principals, mentor coordinators and mentors participate in district training

Year One Requirements

Year Two Requirements

Mentor Teacher Resources Additional New Teacher Resources
How to be a Truly Great Teaching Mentor New Teacher Wellness Hours
Program Overview Lee Vs Macon
Mentoring Job Descriptions Beginning of School Checklist
Collaboration Calendar - Year 1 A Letter to Me on My First Day of Teaching (video)
Collaboration Calendar - Year 2 20 Things New Teachers Really Need to Know
Documentation Calendar Advice for New Teachers from Veteran Teachers (slide show)
Mentor Commitment/Confidentiality Agreement 3 Things New Teachers Need to Know about Classroom Management (video)
Message for Mentors (video) 5 Pieces of Advice (video)
8 Qualities of a Great Mentor 10 New Teacher Tips
The Qualities of Exceptional Mentors

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