Shelby County Schools New Teacher Mentoring Program

All new teachers with less than 2 years of experience will participate in our New Teacher Mentoring (NTM) program.  Each new teacher will be assigned a trained mentor to guide and support him or her through their first and second year.

Shelby County Schools New Teacher Mentoring Program includes the following content:

  • Alabama Quality Teaching Standards
  • Alabama Educator Code of Ethics
  • Classroom Organization and Management Program
  • District Collaboration Calendar (Facilitates learning based on district curriculum and expectations)

Quick Facts about Shelby County Schools New Teacher Mentoring Program

  • Mentors have a minimum of 3 years’ experience, 5 is preferred
  • Mentors are chosen by a school based committee
  • Mentors receive a $1000 stipend per year
  • New teachers complete 3 surveys annually to evaluate the NTM program
  • Documentation is submitted to the school mentor coordinators monthly
  • Principals, mentor coordinators and mentors participate in district training

Year One Requirements

Year Two Requirements

Mentor Teacher Resources Additional New Teacher Resources
Program Overview New Teacher Wellness Hours
Mentoring Job Descriptions Lee Vs Macon
Collaboration Calendar - Year 1 Beginning of School Checklist
Collaboration Calendar - Year 2 A Letter to Me on My First Day of Teaching (video)
Documentation Calendar 20 Things New Teachers Really Need to Know
Mentor Commitment/Confidentiality Agreement Advice for New Teachers from Veteran Teachers (slide show)
Message for Mentors (video) 3 Things New Teachers Need to Know about Classroom Management (video)
8 Qualities of a Great Mentor 5 Pieces of Advice (video)
How to be a Truly Great Teaching Mentor  

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