Central Office Contact Information

Name / Position Phone Number Email Address
Joel Dixon - Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources (205) 682-7015 Email
Dr. Resia Brooks - Human Resources Coordinator (205) 682-7063 Email
Dr. Debbie Horton- Human Resources Supervisor (205) 682-7042 Email
Luvernia Arnold - Secretary
Badges, Experience Forms, Fingerprinting, Receptionist
(205) 682-7016 Email
Kelly Coyte - Chief Clerk, Certification, Board Agenda, Work Experience Forms (205) 682-7017 Email
Celia Hooks - Secretary, FMLA, Benefits (205) 682-7019 Email
Teri Glover - Division Assistant
Job Postings, Searchsoft, Transactions
(205) 682-7018 Email
Kristi Rincher - Secretary, Preliminary Interviews,
On the Job Injury, Employee Extra Services Agreement
(205) 682-7120 Email
Anne Gamble, Recruiter - Kelly Services- Substitutes 205) 682-7062 Email

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