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Area Name Title
Administration Dr. Lewis Brooks  - Superintendent
Administration Dr. Lynn Carroll - Deputy Superintendent
Administration David Calhoun  - Assistant Superintendent of Operations
Administration John Gwin  - Assistant Superintendent of Finance
Administration Melissa Youngblood  - Assistant Superintendent of Administration and Pupil Services
Administration Joel Dixon - Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
Administration Shelley Davis - Administrative Secretary to the Superintendent

Central Office Personnel

Area/Department Name Title
At Risk Students Melanie King  – At Risk Program Developer
Athletics & Activities David Hogue – Supervisor of Athletics, Physical Education, Health, Driver Education
Attendance Dr. Patton Furman - Student Services Supervisor
Career & Technical Education  Julie Godfrey  -Supervisor of Career Tech Education
Career & Technical Education  Dawn Bone  - Career Technical Resource Specialist
Child Nutrition Program Nathan Hayes - Child Nutrition Program Coordinator
Curriculum / Instruction  Dr. Lynn Carroll - Assistant Superintendent of Instruction/ Deputy Superintendent
Curriculum / Instruction  Dr. Leah Anne Wood - Director of Instruction
Curriculum / Instruction  Dr. Angela Walker - Coordinator of Instruction
Curriculum / Instruction  Debbie Horton - Elementary School Coordinator
Curriculum / Instruction  Jay Peoples - High School Coordinator
Curriculum / Instruction  Tara Baldwin - Elementary Program Area Specialist, K - 5 Language Arts
Community Education/ASCP Cindy Warner - Community Ed/After School Care , Public Relations Supervisor
Counseling/Testing April Tolbert - Supervisor Counseling/Testing , Assessment & Evaluation
Counseling/Testing Brent Tolbert - Supervisor of Academic Data Collection, Data Management, Accountability
Counseling/Testing Melanie King – At Risk Program Developer
English Second Language Leah Dobbs-Black  - Program Area Supervisor
Education Foundation Office Bethany Ivey - Development and Cummunity Relations Director
Federal Programs Beth Fuller  - School Improvement/Federal Programs Supervisor
Federal Programs Beth Fuller - School Improvement/Federal Programs, Program Specialist
Finance - Auditors Amy Goodwin - Field Auditor
Finance - Auditors Charlon Couch - Field Auditor
Finance - Bids - - Contact the Accounting Department
Finance - Documentation Joann Gates - Coordinator of Finance and Accounting
Human Resources Joel Dixon  - Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
Human Resources Dr. Resia Brooks - HR Coordinator
Human Resources Jennifer Galloway - HR Supervisor
Library Media Services Michelle Hall - Library Media Services Program Area Supervisor
Operations David Calhoun  - Assistant Superintendent of Operations
Operations - Facilities and Maintenance  Barbara Snyder - Facilities and Maintenance Coordinator
Operations - Facilities and Maintenance Mike  Carden  - Construction Supervisor
Operations - Facilities and Maintenance Phillip Davis - Maintenance Supervisor
Operations - Facilities and Maintenance Rodney Chappell - Maintenance Supervior
Payroll, Benefits, Retirement Stan Brown  - Payroll Supervisor
Public Relations Cindy Warner - Community Education/Public Relations Supervisor
Public Relations Bryan Pope  - Digital Media Specialist
Safety and Security David Calhoun  - Assistant Superintendent of Operations
Special Education Dr. Marla Aldrich - Special Education Coordinator
Special Education Sharyn Hillin - Special Education Coordinator
Student Services Melissa Youngblood  - Assistant Superintendent of Administration and Pupil Services
Student Services Michael Jones - Student Services Coordinator
Student Services Jennifer Cofer - Student Services Supervisor
Student Services Dr. Patton Furman - Student Services Supervisor
Student Services David Hogue – Supervisor of Athletics, Physical Education, Health, Driver Education
Student Services Anna Kate Prum - Social Worker
Technology & Telecommunication Lauren Woolley - Technology Coordinator
Technology & Telecommunication  Fred Watson  - Technical Services Supervisor
Technology & Telecommunication Tracie Davis - Technology Program Area Specialist
Transportation Rick Vines - Transportation Coordinator
Transportation Brent Copes - Transportation Supervisor

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