Facilities and Maintenance - Voluntary Lead Testing Program

In 2017, the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, in conjunction with the Alabama State Department of Education recommended implementing a voluntary lead testing program in the State's Pre-K thru 12 schools. This program was proposed in order to promote public confidence and to help schools minimize their student's and staff's exposure to possible high levels of lead in drinking water.

Results of the voluntary lead testing results will be posted as soon as they become available. This process is expected to take 2 years to complete testing on all Shelby County Schools.

Table Layout

School Results
Calera Elementary Results
Calera Middle, Calera High Results
Calera Intermediate Results
Chelsea High Results
Chelsea Middle Results
Chelsea Park Elementary Results
Columbiana Middle Results
Elvin Hill Elementary Results
Forest Oaks Elementary Results
Helena Elementary, Helena Intermediate, Helena Middle and Helena High Results
Inverness Elementary Results
Linda Nolen Learning Center Results
Montevallo Elementary Results
Montevallo High Results
Montevallo Middle Results
Mt Laurel Elementary Results
New Direction Results
Oak Mountain Elementary Results
Oak Mountain High Results
Oak Mountain Intermediate Results
Oak Mountain Middle Results
Career Technical Education Center Results
Shelby County High Results
Shelby Elementary Results
Vincent Elementary Results
Vincent Middle/High Results
Wilsonville Elementary Results

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