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Who the My Future Project servers

This site can be used by students to investigate future career possibilities, but it can also be used by parents. Parents may want to explore the site with their child to discover the many different pathways their child is considering, and then help them plan for the education needed to reach their goals. Parents will find the additional links on the site helpful when exploring their child’s future education options with them.

Also, teachers in our system can use the My Future Project website to connect curriculum assignments to different occupations, making class work more relevant to students. Guidance counselors can use the site to help students begin building a resume that will help them establish skills that lead to success in their chosen career fields.

How to Use the My Future Project website

Students can begin by selecting an area of interest from the panel at the left. This leads them to a list of many different jobs that involve this area of interest and informs students what level of education they will need to “land” that job in their future. Next students can visit the America’s Career Infonet website to learn more about that job, including salaries and trends for that job in the state of Alabama and nationally. Then students can visit the Shelby Co. Jobs listing to find employers within Shelby County who have jobs that relate to the students’ interest.

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