Wilsonville Elementary School

+ 205 682 6640
Principal: Melody Byrne

Resources for WES Families

Student and Parent Resources

  1. Forms - School Medication
  2. Meal Benefits Program
  3. Parent Institute Newsletters - Helping Children Learn
  4. WES Student Handbook
  5. Kindergarten School-Parent Compact
  6. First Grade School-Parent Compact
  7. Second Grade School-Parent Compact
  8. Third Grade School-Parent Compact
  9. Fourth Grade School-Parent Compact
  10. Fifth Grade School-Parent Compact

Parent Teacher Organization

The Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) is a great way to get involved with the school and we encourage everyone to work together with the PTO to help make WES the best school possible.

P.T.O. 2018-2019 Officers

Board Office Officer
President Sheri Beane
Co-President Amanda Jezdimir
Vice President April Newman
Co-Vice President Tori Nix
Secretary Jodie Pennington
Co-Secretary Michelle Scarborough
Treasurer Amber Richardson
Co-Treasure Brandy Arias

updated 8-14-18