Faculty and Staff Listing

Email and Web Links

Instructional Leaders Name / Email LinkArea of Instruction / Web Presence Link
Katherine Alexander Fourth Grade
Melissa Anderson Fifth Grade
Margaret Battle Fourth Grade
Elyse Bristow Kindergarten
Caycie Fields Fourth Grade
Deana Floyd First Grade
Katie Gentry Second Grade
Rachael Glausier Second Grade
Renea Harrison Kindergarten
Sherri Hilley First Grade
Regina Hopkins Speech
April Justice Third Grade
Michelle Kelley Kindergarten
Rachael Kenny Special Education
April Lovoy Pre-K
Steve McClendon Media Specialist - Media Center Blog
Bianca McGrew Counselor
Angela Mitchell Fifth Grade
Ruby Moore Special Education
Elissa Osborne   Third Grade
Faith Raley Fifth Grade
Olivia Roberts First Grade
Kelly Scales Physical Education
Jeanette Shorey Fine Arts (music)
Jullia Tanner Special Area Teacher
Mary Taylor Physical Education
Kim Tidwell Special Area Teacher
Aryn Thomason Special Education Teacher
Paula Tolbert Gifted Education
Ashley Waldrop Fourth Grade
 Leigh Walker Fine Arts (art)
Abby Weaver  Fine Arts (art)
Rachel Weiss Second Grade
Sharee Winslett   Third Grade
Kim Youngblood  Fine Arts (music)
Support Leaders / Email Link Area of Support
Cynthia Baird Paraprofessional
Donna Edwards Paraprofessional
DewAnn Francis Pre-K Paraprofessional
Carolyn Goza Paraprofessional
Holly Hoyle Paraprofessional
Vicki Murphy Paraprofessional
Kerrie Newton Paraprofessional
Dianne Peterson Paraprofessional
Autumn Lamberth Nurse
Tammi Tavares CNP Manager
Connie Mead CNP - Asst. Mgr.
Janice Stewart CNP
Sue McKinney CNP
Shaneka Norwood CNP
Shawn Martin Maintenance
Danita Brown Custodian
William Lybrand Custodian
Heather Smith Custodian

updated 3-1-19