Career Technical Program

Contact Information

Principal - Zachary McWhorter

Career Technical Supervisor - Julie Godfrey

Phone: 205 682-6650

Fax: 205 682-6655


Landscape Design and Management, Sports Turfgrass Production and Management, Horticulture Science, Greenhouse Production and Management

Instructor: Phillip Riggsby

  • Landscape Management Certificate
  • Landscape Design and Plant Identification Certificate
  • Turfgrass Management Certificate
  • Integrated Pest Management Certificate
  • Alabama Grounds Maintenance Manager Certificate

Work Experience

  • 1982 – 1994 Alpine Bay Resort - Grounds Maintenance Manager, Golf Course Superintendent.
  • 1994 – 2003 The Meadows Golf Course – Assistant Golf Course Superintendent, Golf Course Superintendent


Q: Summary of Program

A: The Agriscience Education program provides students appropriate classroom and laboratory instruction, supervised agricultural experiences, and personal development experiences through both classroom instruction and related organizational FFA activities. These components are integrated to complement each other, providing an effective program for students and effectively utilizing instructional time. The classroom is the primary setting for instruction in agriscience theory and related academics, although laboratory experiences are a significant part of the program. Greenhouse, aquatic, mechanic, and computer laboratory settings enhance classroom instruction. The objectives of Agriscience Education are:

  • To provide education in and about agriculture from the perspective of science and technology
  • To prepare students for employment in an agricultural career
  • To prepare students for entry into postsecondary programs in agriscience fields
  • To provide education about the role of agriscience in the conservation of the Earth’s natural resources
  • To develop life and employability skills essential for successful employment
  • To develop skills needed to fulfill occupational, social, and civic responsibilities

Q: What are the prerequisite skills needed to begin in the program, if any:

A: None

Q: What credentials or certificates can be obtained in a 1, 2, and 3 year period in the program:

A: Credentials offered through the Agriscience program are the Landscape Management Certificate sponsored by the Green Industry Web Portal and Auburn University. Several more credentialing opportunities are currently being reviewed and will be available soon.

Q: What post-secondary options are available:

A: Auburn University, Alabama A & M University, and Wallace State University Hanceville.

Q: Where to go find more information:

A:  Work: (205) 682-6650;  Email: 
Brochure: Landscape Design Technology Brochure