About Shelby County College and Career Center

Contact Information

Principal - Zachary McWhorter

Career Technical Supervisor - Julie Godfrey

Phone: 205 682-6650

Fax: 205 682-6655


SCCCC - Who We Are!

The College and Career Center serves students in grades 10 through 12 from each of the eight high schools in Shelby County, Alabama. The school's mascot is the Titan, and the colors are blue, grey and white. Services offered at the College and Career Center include the Career-Technical Education program. CCC participates in both state and national Career-Technical competitions.

Video filmed at SCCCC, compliments of GoBuildAlabama

SCCCC Mission Statement

The College and Career Center 's mission is to provide students with 21st Century academic and career-technical skills so they will become productive citizens in today's global market.Our vision is to enable students to become productive employees in today's rapidly changing world.


A Commitment to Life-Long Learning

  • We believe in a nurturing environment where students are supported and encouraged to succeed.
  • We believe in promoting character education to enable students to become compassionate and productive citizens.
  • We believe in hands-on learning that simulates the workplace.
  • We believe that students, teachers, and parents/guardians should work together to function as a learning organization to achieve CCC's mission and serve as exemplary members of Shelby County's Vertical Teaming Initiative.
  • We believe that teachers should hold high expectations for their students and hold students accountable for their choices, actions, and learning.
  • We believe that CCC should  employ a shared vision between educators and business leaders to ensure that high school graduates are college and/or career ready.
  • We believe that CCC should continuously evolve into an ever changing college/career ready school to educate and train our students to be successful in the existing and future workforce.