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Oak Mountain High School

OMHS Faculty

Our teachers use Google Classroom to better communicate directly with students concerning assignments, announcements, and instantly start class discussions. Students can share resources with each other and interact in the class stream or by email. Teachers can also quickly see who has or hasn't completed the work, and give direct, real-time feedback and grades. However, for security reasons this is a closed, invitation only site. The students will receive access codes for Google Classroom from their teacher at the beginning of the school year.


Name and Email Link Title
Dr. K Sayers Principal
S. Evers 9th Grade Administrative Assistant
K. Dudley 10th Grade Assistant Principal
M. Epps 11th Grade Assistant Principal
P. Furman 12th Grade Assistant Principal

Administrative Support

Name and Email Link Position Phone Number
Kaye Hurley Secretary (205) 682-5200
Susan Johnston Bookkeeper (205) 682-5261
Kristi Lamb Secretary (205) 682-5398
Kim Parker Bookkeeper (205) 682-5208
Kelley Wilson Attendance Clerk (205) 682-5202
Carol Zoll Registrar (205) 682-5351
Tori Andrich CNP Manager (205) 682-5206

Career Technical

Name and Email Link Area
C. Baker FACS
L. Ingram Business Education
J. Temple Business Education
S.Triplett Business Education
R. White Business Education


Name and Email Link Area
P. Holder - 10th -12th grade Counselor (last names P-Z) Counselor
B. Deavers- 10th - 12th grade Counselor (last names G-O) Counselor
K. Henson -9th Counselor
K. Wade - 10th -12th grade Counselor (last names A-F) Counselor
L. Huff Secretary phone 205-682-5201


Name and Email Link Area
S. Blakemore English
M. DiChiara English
L. Davis English
M. Dixon English
A. Gallups English
J. Hart English
M. Jackson English
K. Lewis English
J. Moore English
J. Plaia English
M. Rath English
J. Touchstone English


Name and Email Link Area
M. Zoll  

Fine Arts

Name and Email Link Area
T. Bender Band
M. Johnson Design
A. Lemley Art
N. McKinney Art
A. Strickland Drama
T. Nabors Photography
K. Ownby Band
M. Zauchin Choir

Foreign Language

Name and Email Link Area
J. Chapman Spanish
J. Gandy Spanish
R. Maguire French
K. Sheffield Latin
Z. Sheffield Spanish
C. Silvestre Spanish
H. Smith German


Name and Email Link Area
A. Bittinger Math
C. Clark Math
S. Watkins Math
D. DeMasters Math
D. DuBose Math
Z. Feldman Math
C. Rogers Math
D. McMahon Math
K. McMahon Math
M. Moore Math
E. Roberts Math
C. Smith Math
M. Williamson Math
R. Winke Math

Physical Education

Area - Physical Education Area
C. Blight Health
K. Cardinal Health / Athletic Trainer
S. Carlisle PE
R. Frisch PE
K. Griffin PE
C. Love Drivers Ed
A. Karcher PE
T. Youngblood Drivers Ed


Name and Email Link Area
C. Collins Science
D. Conner Science
W. Dunham Science
T. Evans Science
D. Hines Science
P. Hughes Science
S. Humphrey Science
T. Mills Science
J. Di Piazza Science
D. Strong Science
B. Watkins Science
A. Weaver Science
C. Wilcox Science

Social Science/History

Name and Email Link Area
C. Bell Social Science
S. Burrough Social Science
J. Croom Social Science
C. Dean Social Science
S. Gallman Social Science
D. Irons Social Science
M. Lee Social Science
J. Milton Social Science
S. Morrison Social Science
A. Polizos Social Studies
K. Posey Social Science
S. Schwartz Social Science

Special Education

Name and Email Link Area
A. Barnett Special Education
Amy Cartmell Special Education
T. Coppock Special Education
W. Lyon Special Education
C. Mace Special Education
A. Pruitt Special Education
C. Shepard Special Education
D. Shipman Special Education
S. Stewart Speech Language Pathologist
Ms. Leslie Walker Sign Language Interpreter

Library Media

Name and Email Link Area
K. Coley Library Media Specialist
B. Rowland Library Media Specialist

School Resource Office

Name Position
D. Morrow Resource Officer

updated 1-10-18

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5476 Caldwell Mill Road
Birmingham, AL 35242
Phone: (205) 682-5200
Fax: (205) 682-5205

Principal - Dr. K.Sayers
Asst. Principal - P. Furman
Asst. Principal - K. Dudley
Asst. Principal - M. Epps
Admin. Asst. - S. Evers

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