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Oak Mountain Elementary

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Faculty and Staff Listing

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Administration and Office Suport

Position Name/Email
Principal Mrs. D. Horton
Asst. Principal Mrs. L. Marshall
Counselor Mrs. H. Belisle
Counselor Mrs. J. Venable Limon, MA, NCC
Registrar Mrs. Mary Kelley
Bookkeeper Susan Rowland
CNP Manager Mrs. C. Wooten
Health Room Ms. S. Arner
Resource Officer Deputy Sellers


Ms. A. Shaffer, Lead Teacher
Ms. K. Bailey, Lead Teacher
Mrs. S. Edwards, Auxiliary Teacher
Mrs. R. Neeley, Auxillary Teacher

Kindergarten Grade

Mrs. J Cameron
Mrs. W. Dye - Dye BLOG
Mrs. M. Fitzmorris
Ms. A. Johnson
Ms. J. Lazarre
Mrs. K. Majors
Ms. A. Nuwayhid
Mrs. J.Slovensky
Mrs. R.Thomas

First Grade

Mrs. N. Butler
Mrs. C. Eanes
Mrs.S. Fifolt
Mrs. J. Frisch
Ms. K. Fuller
Mrs. K. Hall
Ms. S. Mills
Mrs. R. Rogers
Mrs. J. Vaughan

Second Grade

Mrs. S. Askew
Ms. K. Hightower
Mrs. A. Kinchler
Ms. H. Lombardo
Mrs. C. Martin
Ms. T. Morgan
Mrs. F. Smith
Ms. C. Smith

Third Grade

Ms. L. Adams
Mrs. J. Butterfield
Ms. C. Haley
Ms. S. Howard
Ms. C. Ingram
Ms. A. Killian
Mrs. J. Lacey
Mrs. R. Manning
Mrs. C. Shouse

Special Area Instructors

Grade Level/Area Instructor/Email Web Presence
Art Mrs. C. Popwell  
ELL Mrs. C. Compher  
ELL Mrs. K. Gebhardt  
GRC Mrs. R. Austin Austin BLOG
Learning Support Teacher Mrs. L. Huber  
Learning Support Teacher Ms. J. Knight  
Learning Support Teacher Ms. E. Moon  
Learning Support Teacher Mrs. J. Ray  
Learning Support Teacher Mrs. K. Street
Library Media Mrs. A. Hogan Hogan BLOG
Music Mrs. H. Atkins  
P.E. Mr. A. McGowan McGowan BLOG
P.E. Mrs. S. Youngblood  
Sign Language Interpreter Ms. Polly Martin  
Sign Language Interpreter Ms. Pat Smartt  
Sign Language Interpreter Ms. Jeannie Ware  

Support Staff

Name Area of Support
Ms. L. Brown Instructional Support
Ms. Crowder Instructional Support
Ms. Ericka Ripple (ESL) Instructional Support
Mrs. G. Edwards Instructional Support
Mrs. P. Fitzgerald (computer lab) Instructional Support
Mrs. K. Gray Instructional Support
Mrs. D. Mann Instructional Support
Ms. C. MyersInstructional Support
Ms. M. BadyrkaInstructional Support
Mr. R. Smelcer  Maintenance
Mr. W. Davis Custodian
Ms. A. Daniels Custodian
Mr. R. Evereti Custodian
Mrs. C. Wooten, Mgr. CNP Manager
Mrs. C. Musso, Asst. Mgr. CNP Assistant Manager
Ms. M. Hamff CNP
Mrs. D. Therrell CNP
Ms. P. Wood CNP

Bus Drivers and Bus Aides

Name/ Bus Information
Mr. G. Blanton (08-12)
Mrs. M. Carbonie (09-01)
Ms. A Naylor (10-14)
Mr. J. Davis (09-86)
Ms. M. Durham
Mrs. S. Ellard
Mrs. R. Elmore (09-30)
Mr. J. Harbin
Mrs. F. Harper (09-70)
Mrs. P. Irwin (09-80)
Mrs. L. Kenny
Ms. C. Leuschner
Ms. L. Moe
Ms. N. Morris
Mrs. V. Pate
Ms. D. O'Rourke (09-34)
Mr. M. Rivera
Mr. S. Springer (13-58)
Ms. D. Stewart
Ms. A. Sutton (09-51)
Mr. K. Webb

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