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Language Arts

Vocabulary Builders
StoryPlace: The Children's Digital Library,
This site includes stories, online activities, take-home activities and reading lists. All activities are in English and Spanish.

Vocabulary and Spelling City
EXCELLENT Tools for Studying your spelling and vocabulary words. Take practice tests!
Book Adventure
Free on-line reading incentive program for children, parents and teachers.

Great site for Boys - Site to help boys find cool guy books.

Great Books & Authors (Eragon)

Reading Interactive Sites

Adjectives and Adverbs
Cause and Effect
Cause and Effect Matching Game
Drawing Conclusions
Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions
Create a Flip Book
Fact or Opinion
Fact or Opinion Quiz
Main Idea


Math and Business Games for Kids
Site sponsored by bfs capital. Playing games is a great way to learn your math facts, too. Play some games on the computer. Other games involve a game board that you print from your computer.

Figure This
Developed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, this site helps families enjoy
mathematics through a series of fun, engaging challenges.

Number Nut
Excellent Site for Basic Math and Pre-Algebra Practice

Fuel the Brain

Educational Resources and Games featuring:
Number & Operations, Measurement , Geometry, Data & Probability ,Algebra , Problem Solving

Math Playground
Solve a logic puzzles and play math games

Fun Online Math Games

Math Games

Math: Flashcards, multiplication, fractions, conversions, measurement -
Math Practice

Excellent Measurement Video

Create A Graph
Create graphs and charts

Help your child test her math skills with these fun and interesting games. You can even play, too!

Social Studies

Notable Social Studies Trade Books-National Council for Social Studies

National Geographic

Activities-Countries, Videos, Photos


Play a state, continents, and countries game


Scientific inquiry, Animals and Plants, Landforms, Human body, Force and Motion

Fact Monster,
Find information about a variety of subjects ranging from weather facts to homework help to quizzes and games.

Merriam-Webster Online,
Along with access to a dictionary and thesaurus, this site offers word games and a word of the day.

A great starting place for Internet users. The site organizes a multitude of sites into a useable index.

Discovery Kids

Encyclopedia Britannica Online

Eat This Not That (Healthy Eating Choices)

Ten Tips for Healthy Eating
Ten tips from President's Council for Physical Fitness and Sports

Goodbye, Food Pyramid. Hello MyPlate
USDA switches from Food Pyramid to new symbol, MyPlate

Recipes for Kids
Easy Recipes for Kids from Kids Health