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We have several picture opportunities during the school year. Our first is the "First Day" pictures for kindergarten. We have the Fall Pictures (these are the yearbook pictures), Santa Pictures, Class Pictures, Grandparent Pictures, and Spring Pictures. When photographers are available we may also make other groupings.

Please make checks payable to the photographer listed on the envelope. It will usually be Bill Miller Photographer

Field Trip Procedures

Money for field trips is collected for one (1) week. Please be sure to send your money and permission during that collection period.

All checks should be made payable to
Chelsea Park Elementary School.

Returned Check Policy

Your check is welcome at Chelsea Park Elementary School (CPES) in the Shelby County School System. CPES recognizes that occasionally a parent may inadvertently overdraw a checking account and a check may be returned by your bank. In order to recover these funds in a private and professional manner, CPES has contracted with Nexcheck, LLC, for collection of returned checks.

Each person writing a check to CPES should write the check on a commercially printed check with your name, address, and one phone number. Counter or starter checks will not be accepted. When a person writes a check to CPES, the person writing the check agrees that, if the check is returned that it may be represented electronically on the same account, and that the fee established by law, may be debited from the same account.

If the check and fee are not collected electronically, then Nexcheck will contact you by mail and by telephone in order for you to make arrangements to pay. All payments need to be made directly through Nexcheck P.O. Box 19688, Birmingham, AL 35219. For a convenience fee, payments of both check and fee may be made electronically at or over the phone using a credit card, debit card or electronic check.

Easy Money For CPES

HELPING SCHOOLS TAGS - You may choose to purchase a Helping Schools car tag. You must tell them which school you wish the money to be given to - specify Chelsea Park Elementary.  Thank you, parents/friends!

Helping School Tags Parents - please be sure to let the tag office know you want your money to come to Chelsea Park Elementary (school number is 0200). You will need to go to the license office in person to change it



updated 7-19-16