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Instructional Leaders & Staff

Administration Leaders & Staff

Haley Franks Principal 682-6499
Tina Evans Assistant Principal 682-6498
Mary Rountree Admin. Assistant 682-6496
Lori Martin Counselor 682-6501
Jennifer Hebson Registrar 682-6502
Christy McGehee Bookkeeper 682-6508
Denise Lewis Secretary 682-6500
Robyn Minton, RN Nurse 682-6136

Instructional Leaders

Rebecca Albritton 4th Grade  
Pam Anderson 3rd Grade  
Stevey Beardin 3rd Grade  
Kristy Bender 5th Grade Special Education  
Ebony Besteda 4th Grade  
Anne Betbeze   ESL  
Leslie Blankenship 5th Grade  
Allison Brewer 4th Grade  
Joni Colmer 3rd Grade  
Wendy Cremer 3rd Grade  
Holly Dobbs 5th Grade  
Tara Ellis 3rd Grade  
Peyton Fields 3rd Grade  
Brianne Gilliland 3rd Grade Gilliland Google Site
Krysten Gunn 4th Grade  
Sara Harris 4th Grade  
Jamie Howell Music  
Lindsey Irvin GRC - 3rd and 4th Grade Irvin Google Classroom
Melissa Jarvis Art  
Cloe Jones Special Education  
Kailey Jones Special Education  
Marilyn Looney 5th Grade  
Toni Machado 3rd Grade  
Lacey Marcus 5th Grade  
Cassidy McNish 3rd Grade
Kaitlyn Mellott 4th Grade  
Cynthia Monroe 5th Grade  
Holly Beth Oravet 5th Grade  
Debra Owsley 5th Grade GRC  
Tyler Rollin Physical Education  
Andrea Schmitt 5th Grade Special Education  
Shannon Sisco Media Specialist Media Center Site
Jane Smith Math Coach  
James Smith PE  
Jillann Taquino 5th Grade Special Education  
Amber Thomas 5th Grade  
Brooke Veazey Technology Veazey Google Site
Cayla Weber 3rd Grade  
John White 4th Grade White BLOG
Tanya Wilson 4th Grade Wilson BLOG
Tammy Woodham 4th Grade  

Support Leaders

Larue Adams CNP Manager 682-6506
JoAnne Chandler Support Aide
Debbie Cost CNP
Michael Dunn Support Aide
Ben Frederick Maintenance
Amanda Glass Instructional Aide
Suzanne Gottier Custodian
Jacqueline Higgins Custodian
Stephanie Honeycutt Support Aide
Valerie Lemley CNP
Connie McDonald Instructional Aide
Jennifer Miller Instructional Aide
Lisa Templin Support Aide
Kawana Thomas Instructional Aide
Danielle Williams Support Aide

updated 5-28-18