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Every child a graduate and every graduate prepared.

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To be a model of excellence in Education


  • Every child can learn.
  • A safe environment focused on guiding children is essential to learning.
  • The first step toward success is taking responsibility for oneself.
  • Honest collaboration between parents, students, and teachers is critical.
  • Creativity, imagination, and applied problem solving are fundamental skills.
  • High standards and consistent hard work form teachers and students produce positive results.
  • Success is expected, and should be recognized and celebrated.

History of CAHS

first calera schoolOriginally, “schools” in Calera were located in homes and were conducted by the town’s educated adults.  The first public high school was organized in 1885, but it lacked steady financial support.  The county board built a building for Calera’s public school, grades one through twelve, in 1927. 

The county constructed a new building in 1977.  The elementary and middle/high schools were separated at that time.  The building was located on the 1927 site and contained grades six through twelve.  A renovation project in the late 70's added the 6th grade wing ,a larger cafeteria, an agriculture classroom, remodeled the gym and auditorium, and added the science wing onto the school.

Another renovation in the early 90s built on the math wing and choir room, all the way around that hall back to the commons to add new classrooms.  At this time, the commons area was closed in.  Up until that point, it was open and students had to go outdoors to get from one building to the other. The school addition was two new wings, containing ten new classrooms, including a choir room and commons area.

old calera high school buildingThen, in 2004, another project remodeled the lunchroom and remodeled the old agriculture building into new classrooms.

To accommodate the growth in Calera, a new Calera High School was built for students in grades seven through twelve in 2008. The old building (Calera Middle) housed students in grades four through six and the elementary school (Calera Elementary) housed students in grades kindergarten through third.

In 2011, Shelby County purchased the old Shelby Academy building in Calera to renovate for a middle school.  In October of 2012, Calera Middle opened serving grades 6-8 and the former middle school building became Calera Intermediate.  Currently Shelby County Schools offers 4 school in the Calera area. They are Calera Elementary School, Calera Intermediate School, Calera Middle School and Calera High School. GO EAGLES!