Counseling and Testing

ACT QualityCore End-of-Course Assessments (Block Schedule) December 1, 2016
ACT WorkKeys Online December 1, 2016 -February 28, 2017
ACT WorkKeys Paper/Pencil Test February 7, 2017
ACT WorkKeys Paper/Pencil Make-Up Test February 21, 2017
ACT WorkKeys Paper/Pencil with Accommodations February 7 -February 21, 2017
NAEP (participating schools: Calera Middle, Chelsea Middle, Chelsea Park Elementary, Oak Mountain Intermediate, Oak Mountain Middle, Shelby Elementary, and  Wilsonville Elementary} January 30 -March 10, 2017
ACCESS 2.0 February 6 -April 7, 2017
Alternate ACCESS for ELLs February 6 -April 7, 2017
ACT Aspire Paper/Pencil (Grades 3-8 and 10) April 3-April 21, 2017
ACT Aspire Online (Grades 3-8 and 10) April 3 -April 28, 2017
ACT with Writing — Pre-Test Session Prior to Test Date
ACT with Writing Paper/Pencil - Option1 March 21, 2017
ACT with Writing Paper/Pencil - Option2April 19, 2017
ACT with Writing with Accommodations Paper/Pencil April 19 -May 3, 2017
ACT with Writing Online Format April 19 -May 3, 2017
ACT with Writing Paper Testing -Make-up Option 1April 19, 2017
ACT with Writing Paper Testing -Make-up Option 2May 3, 2017
Alabama Alternate Assessment (AAA) Online Collection April 3 -May 12, 2017
ACT QualityCore End-of-Course Assessments Within Last 4 Weeks of Term
  1. ACT QualityCore End--Of-Course Assessments English 9 or 10 and Algebra I are optional. Each test is composed of two 45-minute sessions. These sessions may be completed in one day or on two separate days. Students tested with these assessments for credit advancement may NOT test during the state window.
  2. With ACT WorkKeys Online Testing, the three subtests may be administered in one session or In three separate sessions.
  3. To pre-test sessions of the ACT WorkKeys Paper Testing must be completed prior to the administration of the test; this session may be conducted on the momina of the test or on a separate day. Timed testing must begin no later than 9 a.m.
  4. Accommodations for ACT WorkKeys are determined by the IEP Team or 504 Committee.
  5. ACT Aspire reading and mathematics are required for students in Grades 3-8. For students in Grades 5 and 7, ACT Aspire science is also required. Although science (excluding Grades 5 and 7), English, and writing are optional, supplemental scores such as STEM, English Language Arts, and Progress Toward Career Readiness require the administration of all subject tests. Schools may administer all subject tests of the ACT Aspire in one session or they mav administer the subiect tests in separate sessions at any time during the testing window.
  6. The pre-test sessions of the ACT with Writing must be completed on a SEPARATE day PRIOR to the administration of the test. Although the pre-test session may be administered at any time on a day prior to the test administration, timed testing for the ACT with Writing must begin no later than 9 AM. This is true for both Pacer and Online Testing.
  7. 1n 2016-2017, a district may choose one of two options for the initial test date for ACT with Writing Paper Testing. Please note that districts that choose Option 1 of March 21 as the initial test date must select only one paper make-up date-April 19 or May 3-from the two options. Districts that choose Option 2 of April 19 for the initial test date must select May 3 for their paper make-up test date. For the first time, schools will be allowed to administer both paper and online formats. With this alternative, schools may choose to administer online tests for all students who missed the paper test, eliminating the need for ordering and administering paper make-up tests.
  8. ACT must approve all accommodations on the ACT with Writing. Documentation must be submitted directly to ACT.
  9. A window is allowed for the ACT with Writing Online Testing. Since a different form of the test is given each day, schools may choose to test on more than one date during the online window. A student must complete the test in one day. Schools may choose online testing to administer make-up tests for students who were originally scheduled for paper tests.
  10. With the revised extended standards  ALSDE will transition from a portfolio assessment to a standardized task performance assessment in 2017. This test will be administered as an ooerational field test in 2017.

Dates are subject to change.

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